A compilation of the top 10 best AR Kit demo apps that will be launching in iOS 11 this September. I do not own any of these clips.

The clips in this video include:
– A huge augmented reality moon landing
– An AR game where you park a car into a real parking spot from a balcony
– A virtual Space X rocket landing on a landing pad in someones pool
– An app that lets you measure anything by projecting a virtual ruler
– A game where you weld a door into a real object and once you open the door you can see some sort of jungle and look around in it
– Ships going to war on someones carpet
– An app where you can get a preview of the food your ordering at a restauraunt your at, right on the table by projecting an augmented food item
– Augmented Minecraft building outside and a table
– A paining app that lets you paint in 3D in the air
– An app that lets you preview furniture by placing it exactly where you want it in your room
– A virtual basketball game with life size players

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  1. Alex Nolan

    November 24, 2018 at 12:05 pm

    Do you have the names of these apps?


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