Top 10 iOS Apps/Extensions for Safari! What’s up, in this video I am going to be telling you the top 10 apps/extensions you can have for safari on your iOS 8 device. Most the apps I tell you are free and they all work at the very best. If you have any personal favourites that I didn’t mention, be sure to leave them in the comments! Thank you for watching, please subscribe, like and share!

TranslateSafari (£0.69/$0.99 – iPhone and iPad)

WhatFont (FREE – iPhone and iPad)

View Source (£0.69/$0.99 – iPhone and iPad)

Stacks 2 (£1.99/$2.99 – iPhone and iPad)

Awesome Screenshot for Safari (FREE – iPhone and iPad)

Mail to Self (FREE – iPhone)

1Password (FREE / iPhone and iPad)

Pocket (FREE – iPhone and iPad)

Bing Translation (FREE – iPhone)

Pinterest (FREE – iPhone and iPad)

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