Top 10 best android root apps
1st. Greenify, a performance optimizer app and a good battery life saver.

2nd. Titanium Backup, another battery life enhancer but this one also allows you to backup the applications and organize them.

3rd. Device control, one of the most used app, it helps users taking full control over the device CPU, GPU, Screen colors, voltage and more.

4th. Solid explorer classic, a more performant file explorer with the possibility to go deeper into the storage of your device, includes cloud options as: google drive, dropbox, one drive and more.

5th. ROM Manager, it will help you customize your ROM, or the Operating System of your Android device.

6th. Smart Booster, this app will clear the ram memory of your device also it has some features like: SD card cleaner, application manager and backup manager.

7th. SCR Screen Recorder, it just helps you record the screen of your Android device, with a lot of features and 15 different languages.

8th. WiFi kill, this app will close other users connection to the WIFI network that you use. Eeliminating concurent connections speeds up your own internet connection which is amazing.

9th. Lucky patcher, this application has a lot of features including: ads removement, license verification removal, create modified Applications and more.

10th place. Supersu, the leading and best management tool for rooted android devices. You get a set of advanced features like automatic access to supersu users in time, supersu users access logs, ability to unroot and root your device temporary or permanently.

That was the TOP 10 Applications for Rooted Android devices, don’t forget to subscribe.
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