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IT Danny is presenting T&T for iMessage, now under iOS 11. Presented on the marvelous iPhone X and featuring the sticker pack From MOM. Let’s dive into the eye-catching, clever and effective world of communication.

We hope you will like this video and MOM’s stickers. Be sure to check the above links to see on your own, how lovely the stickers are. MOM created them using only iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and the result is astonishing. Not only will these stickers help you with your everyday communication, but they will turn your messages into state of the art. Do you want to say “Thank You” to your friend? Do you need to ask your colleague for help? Do you want to share your feelings? Stickers from MOM cover it all.

Just look at the screenshots of the stickers for inspiration and if you like them, go ahead and support the MOM and her child by purchasing them. Not only you will receive the sticker pack From MOM, but by purchasing the sticker pack, you will provide an extra income to this MOM. Our goal is to spread her cute little drawings around the world, so help us with that, share it with your family and friends.

Also be aware that this video is partially related to another video of ours. Crazy rock wall climbing, but not with the regular climbing gear :-). EXTREME: iPhone X and wild survival – https://youtu.be/D1QDrhTufew

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Your help is really appreciated by us and MOM. Be great and do great things.

By the way, do you want to know more about mentioned Apple Museum in Prague? ➜ http://www.applemuseum.com . We’ve been there many times and it’s a real inspiration zone. We love it so if you are around the Prague, be sure to check this one.

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