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I’m tired of seeing struggling photographers get beat down because they can’t fully grasp perplexing camera functions… or sit through hours of mind-numbing and boring lectures, or shell out the funds for any 6-week money-grubbing course.

I blame arrogant photo “gurus” who think they’re helping you out by offering professional photography lessons. But they’re actually scaring away new photographers with their lucrative prices and complicated instruction.

I’ve gotten so hot under the collar by this nonsense that I made it my personal mission to show everyone a much easier way to take breath taking photos…

Without using fancy lenses, lighting and other extravagant equipment…
Without needing any pricey classes and dull lectures…
And without dropping boo-coo bucks for a DSLR!

The truth is, if you own a smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, whatever), then you already have everything you need to take create incredible photographs that will blow away you and your friends.

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